Mrs. Shelly: "Can you count backwards?"
Noah: Turned around with his back to Mrs. Shelly and started counting.

Mrs. Shelly: "What color is your house?"
Marianna: "Red"
Mrs. Shelly: "Is it a brick house?"
Marianna: "No"
Kayson: "Is it a straw house?"
Marianna: "No"

Schye: "I like to eat eggs from the store but not eggs that chickens poop.  Cows pee milk and it is good to drink."

Parker: "When I grow up I want to be a teacher and be just like you!"
Parker: "This is how you say Ambulance in Spanish.....Tacos"
Parker: "That ambulance was awesomer than cool!"

Benelli:  "I love this school!"

Lexi: "Once upon a time there was a pig and he built a house and a big bad wolf came and ate the pig and blew down the house.  Then the pig became a zombie and ate the wolf and then he became a pig again.  He rebuilt the house and lived happily ever after.  The end."

Peighton: "That's it! I'm going to Paris"

Braelyn:" I'm getting so tall cause I grew overnight"

Peighton: "Let me see how tall you are (put ruler up to me) You are 80 pounds that means you're my daughter.  Let me see how tall you are Pyper.  You are 80-20.

Kaylie: "This is soft like a Bentley Bunny"

KatLynn looking in a mirror:" I'm all pink.  Pinkalicious!"

Parker in the Dramatic Play kitchen
"What you fired me?!"  he hung up the phone and walked away then came back to the phone, picked it up and said,
"You give me my job back cause I'm the best?  You gonna give me more money?  Yes!!!   Hey Mrs. Shelly I go t my job back adn they're gonna give me a million dollars!"
Mrs. Shelly: "Wow that's a lot"

Parker: "Look I got the brick of truth.  It gets power of your mind and sends you to the future when you were a baby"

Kids playing in the box house
Mrs. Shelly: "Little pigs little pigs, let me in"
Kaylie and Braelyn: "Not by our chinny chin chin"
Mrs. Shelly: "Then I'll hugg and puff and blow your house in!"
Parker: "I'm moving out!"

Parker had many questions for Santa including:
"How did you get here?" 
Santa: "Sleigh"
How do you give presents to all the kids?  How can you fit down the chimney when you are so big?
Santa: "Christmas Magic"
Parker: "That's what my mom said."

Greyson:"I have 3 presents."
Mrs. Shelly "Are they for Mom, Dad and Kylor?"
Greyson: "No they are all for me!"

Kyree: "Guess how much I love food.  I love food so much I could put my whole face in it and eat it. Nom Nom Nom"

Peighton: "Mrs. Shelly feed my baby.  Here is some strawberry milk and cake."

Parker: "When I grow up I'm gonna get old and be famous and have lots of money and buy lots of toys and work at a circus."
Michael: "I'm gonna be a tiger and a Green Lantern and work at Rolling Hills Zoo."
Mackenzie:" I'm gonna be a firefighter"
Kaylie: "I'm going to be a kitty cat."
Greyson: "Later after Halloween I want to be a cop car man and a boy kitty and a shark."
KatLynn: "I want to be a cowgirl riding a black horse"
Ayden:" I want to be Hulk Smash"
Lexi: "I want to be a bunny"
Braelyn: "I want to do a lot of jobs like the Highway Patrol, Papas office and the hospital".

Gage: "Look Mrs. Shelly what I made!  A monster car cause it has a head.  I made a spider - see the legs?  Look it's from Star Wars!" (playing with Popoids)

Ayden: "My mom's name is Mommy, but her first name is Angel."

Kyree: "The caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  First it turns into a raccoon (cocoon) for a few weeks then it turns into a butterfly."

Michael I.: "I made a rectangle with 2 squares."

Kyree: "I know what blue and yellow make.  Blue and yellow make green!"

Mackenzie: "I did it!"
Mrs. Shelly: "You put a puzzle together all by yourself!"

Ayden: "Mrs. Shelly look!  I made brown!"
Mrs. Shelly: "WOW! Purple and yellow together make brown"

Mrs. Shelly: "What is your favorite fruit?"
Ayden: "Gummies"

Parker: "I'm making chocolate cake"
Mrs. Shelly: "That's my mommy's favorite"
Parker: "I didn't know teachers have mommys."

Parker: "I made a great invention last night.  It was downstairs and it sent your brain into the future."
Mrs. Shelly: "What else does it do?"
Parker: "That's only what it does"
Parker: "I made my famous brownies."
Mrs. Shelly: "What is your secret ingredient?"
Parker: "Just chocolate and brownies."
Parker: "My great, great, great DeDe is very very very very old and maybe she is gonna die."
Mrs. Shelly: "I'm sorry, is she sick?"
Parker: "No"

Parker: "My little cousin has a baby superman outfit with a cape and he has cute little hands and cute little feet.  He is adorable.  Were you a baby when your were little?"

Ashlyn: "I'm planting a girl."
Mrs. Shelly: " A girl?  What will she grow into?"
Ashlyn: "A princess."

Addyson looked at the letter S and said, "That's the size shoe I wear!"

Brennan found coins in the sandbox and said, "I'm Captain Hook.  I'm making pirate soup.
Mrs. Shelly: "What do you put in pirate soup?"
Brennan: "sprinkles, sugar, dog bones"
Kimberly: "I'm making pirate cake."
Mrs. Shelly; "What do you put in pirate cake?"
Kimberly: "Soup"
Chasity: "I'm making pirate pie."
Mrs. Shelly: "What do you put in pirate pie?"
Chasity: "crackers.  I like crackers."
Mrs. Shelly: "Leah what are you making?"
Leah: "Just sand."

When saying the Pledge of Allegience, Citlali stopped me and said, "There's a witch stamp (for which is stands)  that's a scary song."

Averi stuck a frisbee disk on a rubber ball and said, "Hey look, It's Saturn!"

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Brennan: Fireman
Cody: Magician
Chasity: Spiderman
Leah: A bird
Kimberly: a pirate princess

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Avery: Fireman
Madelynn: Nurse
Nathan: Fire fighter
Miles: A big heavy elephant
Isaiah: a Police officer
Aiden: Police officer
Damien: Pikachu
Micah: Nothing
Amber: A girl
Zharranda: a Fireman
Alexander: a Fireman
Ctlali: Spiderman girl
Chrstian: Fireman
Averi: a Fairy
Micah: a Policeman
Addison: A Cowboy

Kimberly said, "Cody, you scared the stuffing out of me!"

Brennan: "Mrs. Shelly, you're a good teacher, you show us everything."

Nathan: "It's ok, everyone makes mistakes!"

Averi: "Know why I'm an expert?  Cause you keep teaching me stuff!"

Madelynn: "I am 3 and 11/12.  I used to be 10/12 but now I'm 11/12."

Christian:  "Mrs. Shelly, you are the best teacher in the whole world!"

Mrs. Shelly: "Brennan, use your good friend voice please"
Brennan:  "But my brain is out of control.  I can't control it.  There is a switch in my brain telling me to be mean."
Mrs. Shelly: "How can we change the switch in your brain?"
Brennan: "You gotta get a mouse and put it in my brain to switch it."
Mrs. Shelly: "I don't have a mouse, I guess you will have to switch it yourself."
Brennan: "OK"

Nathan and Micah were pretending to be cops
Nathan: "What are you looking at?  You want a piece of me?"
Micah: "I'm having a doughnut!"

Brennan: "Hey!  Want to see my perfect skills?"

Nathan said his swing was running out of gas (slowing down) so Mackenzi brought the gas pump to the swing to fill it up.

Nathan in the sandbox: "Here is your food"
Mrs. Shelly:  "What did you make?"
Nathan: "Stew"
Mrs. Shelly:  "It's delicious.  What is your secret ingredient?"
Nathan: "Um....sand and penguins"

Braxton sneezed and said, "Bless you me!"

Citlali:  "I ate chicken, a lot of chicken to help me get bigger and it gave me a tummyache so everybody better not eat chicken!"

Raith:  "I will protect you, I have my banana gun!"

Mrs. Shelly:  "We are missing a present box and lid"
Citlali:  "Perhaps a ghost and goblin took it and whooshed out."

Braxton:  "Junk food makes my tooth rot out."

Mackenzi:  "How do you make a tissue dance?"
Mrs. Shelly: "How?"
Mackenzi:  "You put a boogie in it!"

Mrs. Shelly: "Miles turn your volume down please."
Miles:  "I can't cause my volume knob is broken!"

Miles pretending to be a magician.  "Come back here my little muffins so I can turn you into a frog!"

Miles:  "Mrs. Shelly look at me.  Stop checking me out!  That's a joke."

Miles:  "I have a magic wand and I'm going to turn Mrs. Shelly into a duck!"
Mrs. Shelly: "Quack"
Miles:  "I turned you back and now I turned you into a toad!"
Mrs. Shelly:  "Ribbit"
Miles: "I'm not going to change you back!"

Alana made waffle juice and seaweed juice in the pretend kitchen.

Jackson made a castle in the rocks and said, "Know what's in it? A fake turkey"

Braxton:  "Want to try to button me?"
Mrs. Shelly: "OK"
Braxton:  "Now another one!"

Ashlyn held a small cup to her ear and said, "I can hear the ocan in here!"

Aiden:  "I need to tell you something Halloweeny.  There were knives hanging from the ceiling and it scared the begeezers out of me!"

Raith:  "We are using our imaginations and making owl beaks out of carrots."

Lindsay:  "Kasey, how did you get so smart?"
Kasey:  "Mrs. Shelly teached me.  It's all her fault!"

Mrs. Shelly: "What kind of dinosaur eat leaves?"
Ashlyn: "Green ones eat leaves cause they're green"

Kyndra told Colton, "My dad said you can't be my boyfriend and I can't date until I'm 20!"

10-30-13 while playing with playdough:

Adele: "Try my butterfly cookie
Mrs. Shelly: "MMMM  what is your secret ingredient?
Adele: "My secret ingredient is happy"

Mrs. Shelly: "What did you make?"
Alana: "Pizza"
Mrs. Shelly: "What is your secret ingredient?"
Alana: "First I cut it and smash it and put cheese on it.  That's my secret ingredient"

Adele: "I made pizza"
Mrs. Shelly: "What kind?"
Adele: "Chili"
Adele;  "Mine has chocolate sauces and pizza"

Evalynne: "This jump in your tummy high up in the air."
Mrs. Shelly: "What is it?"
Evalynne: "Pizza and strawberry try it!"
Mrs. Shelly: "What is it?"
Evalynne: "Pumpkin Pie made out of pizza"

Jackson:  "Here's your lunch!  It's cranberry and cheese sauce."
Mrs. Shelly: "What is your secret ingredient?"
Jackson: "Bacon and Cheese and ham and cheese and bacon"
Mrs. Shelly: "Yummy"

Lexi: "That's not a cow its a MOO"  She put a horse and a cow in a boat.
Mrs. Shelly: "Where are they going?
Lexi: "To the mall!"

Jackson: "Here's some food for you."
Mrs. Shelly: "What is it?"
Jackson: "Ham and cheese and bacon and carrots and everything you like.  I put some hotness in it for you.  Put it in here (a bowl) it will be much better.  We made the wrong 'gredients (took bowl away)"

Raith was playing with the doctor kit.  He took out the stethescope and looked in Mrs. Shelly's ear and said, "You have germs in there.  I have to hear what they are saying."
Mrs. Shelly: "What?"
Raith: "Crunch Crunch.  They are eating your ear tubes."
Mrs. Shelly: "Oh No what do I do?"
Raith: "I have to take them out" (pretended to take them out)

Parker: "Like my Spiderman shirt?  I bought it at the store next year with my mom."

Evalynne: "Did you know my name is Eva Evalynne Repunzel.  I renamed myself that."

Melina: "I have a turtle."
Mrs. Shelly: "What's his name?"
Melina: "Cardboard cause he's a box turtle"

Parker: "Friends are fun, but having no friends is no fun"

Daevon squeezed a baby wipe and said, "Hey look!  When I squeeze this soap comes out.  That's a new experience!"

Ashlyn: "It's 15 Oclock"

Mareon: "Look I made pink!"
Mrs. Shelly: "What colors did you use?"
Mareon: "Red and white"

Mariah measured Mrs. Shelly's arm and said, "You are 3 hours" then measured Mrs. Shelly's leg and said, "You are 8 miles"

Parker: "Spiders for snack?  We have to cook them with sausage and meat"