Accident/Emergency Policy

1. All children will be gathered and accounted for.
2. Children and teachers will go out the safest exit and meet on the front sidewalk.
3. Children will be taken to 216 S. Front (next door), and the fire department will be called from there.
4. Parents will be called to pick up children at 216 S. Front.

1. If a Tornado siren sounds, the children will be gathered and accounted for.
2. Children will be taken to the basement, away from windows.
3. Children will crouch down and cover their heads for protection.
4. Parents will be called as soon as safely possible. Teachers will not go upstairs to answer the phone until the all clear sounds. Please wait for me to call you.

Storm Plan:
1. A battery operated flashlight is on hand in case the lights go out, and a battery operated radio to listen to weather reports.
2. If the weather becomes worse, the Tornado plan will be followed.

Flood Plan:
1. Little Darling’s Academy is not in a flood area, but if flooding would occur, the children will be taken to higher ground and wait for directions from emergency personnel.

Serious Injury:
1. I will check the injury and administer First Aid. An Ambulance will be called if needed.
2. Parents will be notified and told where the child is being taken care of.
3. An Emergency substitute will be called to care for the other children.
4. As soon as the Emergency substitute arrives, the child and necessary paperwork will be taken, (or follow the ambulance) to get medical attention. I will stay with the child until a parent arrives.
5. When returning to Little Darling’s Academy, an injury report will be filled out and sent to the Health Department by the next working day.